About me

About me

The Adventurist.

This is the website where I share my travel and adventure stories as well as offer help to kick start your journey. I also share insights from around the world, about places, about people I see and meet. Including myself. ;-). The website also has several reviews of travel and outdoor products that I have bought and used. For those just starting out, the checklists will be particularly useful.

I am an adventurist, an entrepreneur and all things in between. Never say no to exploring. The outdoors call me more than it is considered sane. I am comfortable in rugged terrains and environments. I love to push myself and test my limits.

Often, I also comment on the socio-political and socio-economic affairs of India in particular and the world in general. The views remain my own.

Go on, visit the best bits and enjoy exploring the articles. Thank you for stopping by.

I run, I kayak, I raft, I swim, I climb, I trek, I adventure, I love and I Live.

One life to love. Make the most of it.

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