Moonlit nights

On those moonlit nights, your tiger yearns for you…where is my pretty lady of the deep dark stripes, the beauty that I call mine? As I close my eyes on yet another day, I wonder where I shall rest my head, if not on your lap? The days are tough, the hours are long and […]


I think it is a tragic reality of life – that we cannot listen to a person with an open heart, with belief, and assumption of the truth. On the other hand, a lifetime of experiences of feeling let down in various degrees has hardened me up…and now! There are people who will talk to […]


There she stood, as always, complete with a pretty outfit and her curly hair as golden as the sun. Sometime she was looking out of the window, her head raised slightly skywards. On other occasions, she stood sideways on the sill, looking inwards..perhaps introspecting? Whatever be her mood, the contentment on her face was unmistakable. […]

RIP: My Gym Sneakers

I retired my gym sneakers, finally. ————-::—————— At gym they bore the weights, My steadfast sole – mates, Had the last workout today, Before they fade away They are Reeboks, Look ma, I wear no socks. “I am what I am” they say, I see it no other way These Spikes of Fire, Raised the […]