My writing spans a across genres and topics, besides stories.

Here, I’ve made it easier to look what interests you most. Enjoy!

➡️Cut Through the Noise
Thoughtful stories of adventures, people and places that remain with you.

➡️On Writing
All about the craft as dear to me as breathing.

➡️On Mountains
My love affair with the mountains will end only when I become one with the ether. Till then I continue to send them postcards.

➡️Short Stories
Fiction, non fiction and memories

Funny situations I played a part in – as participant or observer.

➡️Business Insights
What I have learnt from starting, quitting and restarting a few ventures.

Immersive travel experiences I have planned myself, one city, one region, one country at a time.

Some wild outdoor activities I have planned, or been a part of. From a few hours to a few months long.

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