The Hero in red undies

You are Superman. I recently took one of those random tests on the internet at the behest of a friend. And here are the results.. Your results: You are mild-mannered, good,strong and you love to help others. Superman 80% Supergirl 75% Robin 75% Hulk 70% Spider-Man 65% Green Lantern 65% Iron Man 65% The Flash 50% […]

Of rabbits, warriors, vendors and Sushmita Sen from Disneyland

It was a very sorry little rabbit that hopped away. The ears were all drooped, the head was hanging low, and even the bob that went for a tail, seemed to take it hard. He had been unable to open his mouth at all. He knew his little speech by heart, but just when the […]

‘Holi’ turns Holy

I so remembered Gerald Durrell for the past few weeks! (Delightful author, bless his soul.)His colorful tales in ‘My family and Other Animals’ has aptly colored my imagination since the days I laid eyes on his work. However, it was not the animals, but the part about the Family that made me think of him. […]