13 years and six months……still counting.

September 18, 2006

Sorry to interrupt the travelogue but this post cannot wait. The right honourable P. D. Kode pronounced the court’s verdict on 4 of the 123 accused who faced trial in the 1993 Mumbai Serial blasts case. 257 Dead 700 Injured 13 years and 6 months of trial 123 Accused 4 Convicted so far 4 Acquitted […]

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Parallels and Laterals

August 17, 2006

Since Manmohanomics became the flavour of the India’s neo-economy, we have seen the rapid opening up of our markets. I remember hearing of how Coca~cola used to cost 50 paise a bottle at the time my parents were enjoying their college lives. Then Krumpled Kurta (who I believe has now patented this style of clothing) […]

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Citizen journos

July 17, 2006

Having a camera in your cellphone can win you some prizes after all. 🙂 Nokia and the UK Press Gazette chose photos captured by citizens of significant events for the first citizen journalism award. They were taken even before the press could swarm the area. Early birds do get the worm.

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Caste Aside

April 20, 2006

Before we even have a chance to recover from the proposed re-Mandalization of our educational institutions, the caste brigade delivers yet another blow. Reservations in the private sector! Caste politics can take a back seat in this new drama. There is much more to this latest call for dividing the masses than meets the eye. […]

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Persona non-grata

March 27, 2006

When all the attention of the world is focused on Muslims in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine, there are some who are persona non grata in thier own land. They have been called one of the world’s most persecuted people. Some argue that they are also one of the most forgotten. The Rohingya of Burma..nowhere to run, […]

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