A swan song why..

Why do I┬ánot┬áremember all this in the middle of pathos? Because it is meant for me to realise, with a sudden rush of familiarity, that I have a wonderful life after all. Why do I feel elated in the midst of this bleak situation? Because there is one life to love and one to love […]

And some more….

Why have my priorities changed? Because priorities are meant to be shuffled every time you revisit them. Every re-look brings with it new wisdom, new experiences, new circumstances, and new challenges. Why does it feel fulfilling to write as well as read?Because the cumulative knowledge of this universe can be passed on that way. Why […]

More Whys..

Why do I listen more then I hear? Because I realise that I make a better person that way. Why is time money? Because you cannot buy any off the shelf. One is as good as the other. Why do I appreciate art depicting real life more than abstracts? Because truth is stranger than fiction. […]

The why series continues…

Why does hope jump on a roller coaster every time I turn to it? Because that is the only way to enjoy the ride of life. Expressways are painfully uninteresting. Why is that elusive peace of mind finally within reach? Because I love life in the circumstance it is in. Why do I watch people […]

In response to the whys…….

Why does it have to happen to me? Because I am made of sterner stuff than I think. Why do people simply not understand? Because it is my job to make myself understood. I obviously need to try harder. Why do I like khaki? Because to me, it personifies discipline, dignity and organization. Why is […]