A fine time to walk

A fine time to walk

So it happened that on this Monday we had a lovely overcast sky in Pune. Much like it is in the thick of monsoon. Perfect time for a walk, though humidity was high and I was bathed in sweat. I decided to go through the old parts of the city that I love and say a nice goodbye to the sights I shall miss for some time.

The overcast sky creating a twilight like calm over the river.
My route took me across the famous gardens on JM Road, where there are ample lawns to sit and read, an aquarium for kids, stalls vending Chaat and a walking track. The palms all stood in a row bordering one such route.

From there I went along the old boundary of the city near Nal Stop (literally, the place where the public water works supply ended in old Pune). The traffic is always choc a bloc there at most times of the day. Monday was no exception at around 9 AM.

By this time, it looked like the sun was beginning to win the battle and the cloud cover gave way to the sunlight. I returned via another bridge on the Mutha river. It rained a few drops for about 2 minutes, a curtain raiser perhaps, for the monsoons that’ll soon hit this part of the country.

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