Light headed in Mongolia…

Light headed in Mongolia…

Everyone who has known me very briefly even, knows my penchant for short hair. I have always worn it short and every hair cutting session is a tug of war between my stylist and me over how short we can go. She wins, always, but then i feel better nevertheless when the weight is off my head (mind).

The year before last, i had it all shaved off for a very personal reason. It felt great, lighter than ever. It is not very common, or rather sacrilege for girls to go bald in India, with the exception of Tirupati offerings. So the clever person that i am, i cut it first and then showed the new look to my friends and folks. No chance of protesting my decision, the deed was done. No Ctrl+Z there :)).

I wanted to go in for a similar style this time around. The fear of being mistaken for someone else at immigration stopped me from getting a cut before I left. It is great to have a stylist on the team here, Andrea did the honors beautifully with a not-so-great pair of scissors. Faraz stopped by to freeze the experience in pictures and Such was alternating between my camera and hers to capture this rites of passage.

I am back to that all familiar feeling of light-headedness….my ears have no overlapping hair strands and it can now fully touch the pillow.

All ready for the steppes and the dusty plains of the Gobi.

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