August 12, 2006

…..auburn in autumn seek fleeting greens measured longing minds reapplied……  

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August 3, 2006

…..grains of sand plummet time scatters the wind whispers cling on……

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July 26, 2006

….wild over growth of dry weeds, strong worn fence, foggy uncertainty lures with a whisper…. jump!

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A sharp IIIrd

July 24, 2006

…sharp evenings with orange skies ever widening chasms tilt the bottle some more…

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II ~ an unsure second

…thin blackend strings dance to the rhythm free and riotous at times obliging……  

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Twins in charge

July 19, 2006

Strange are the ways of our world. We have heard of cricketer twins (the Waugh brothers) and such. Now we have twins in control of Poland. Will they be able to tell if Jaroslaw came to the right office or did Lech? Thankfully, they don’t have melas to add to the confusion. :)Or we might […]

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India Inc.

July 18, 2006

Who are we kidding? Corporate India’s dirty laundry just got washed in public. ASSOCHAM’s outrage at Corporate’s potrayal of how big businesses work in India does not hold water. What Corporate did not do is surprise the viewers about the wheelings and dealings of the biggies and the political-criminal nexus underlying the *clean* image. Lets’ […]

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Citizen journos

July 17, 2006

Having a camera in your cellphone can win you some prizes after all. 🙂 Nokia and the UK Press Gazette chose photos captured by citizens of significant events for the first citizen journalism award. They were taken even before the press could swarm the area. Early birds do get the worm.

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The life after…..

July 13, 2006

This one is going to attract a lot of eye balls for sometime to come. Tee! hee! 🙂 Judges will now consider contribution as well as compensation in divorce lawsuits. I concur all the same. Comments?

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Angel eyes

June 12, 2006

Thanks to my car being hospitalized for a skin rash last week, I was at the mercy of the friendly neighborhood rickshaw for commuting to office. 😛 I usually avoid rickshaws like plague (overcharging and driver arrogance being some of the reasons), but sometimes it can be a boon in disguise. 😉 So there I […]

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