Your Adventure Begins Here

Your Adventure Begins Here

Onward to new adventures, plan it with me!

If you’re struggling to make the journey from adventure idea to implementation, I’ve got your back.

Before you dive in, here are some FREE ADVENTURE resources.

With that’s out of the way, let me confess.

I’ve failed to complete my adventures due to various reasons. I wish I had known some things for the BEFORE part.

Over 20 years, I’ve turned my weak spots and my learning into strengths to help enthusiasts who want to execute their first adventures without worrying about readiness, risks, and activity resources again.

Implement your idea, build skills to prepare for the outdoors, and acquire competency to plan future adventures.

The outdoors belong to everyone across ages and abilities. I want others to experience the joy they bring through adventure activities, big or small.

I also specialize in planning and executing adventures for persons with disability.

Here is a glimpse of how I cover the little things that matter in the outdoors.

Does This Sound Like You?

  1. You have a vague idea about what you want to do – it can be a trek, a summit attempt, a cycling expedition, or a rafting activity.
  2. You don’t have the time or don’t know where to start looking.
  3. You are unsure if this activity suits you, if you are fit enough for it, when to do it, or with whom.
  4. You’re good at determining what you want to go after but not at organizing the details of your adventure.
  5. You want a hassle-free plan in place for your dream adventure, complete with pre, during, and post-activity details.
  6. You would love to have an adventure in a location you don’t know much about.
  7. You want to attempt an activity you have never tried before. Is it for you?
  8. You have no firm idea but want a great adventure and are open to suggestions.

Chances are that your dream adventure is easier achieved than you think, and you are just struggling with the lack of information to execute it.

I am here to help.

How Does This Work?

1. Apply

This link will open a discovery form for you to fill in. I’ll reach out to you within three business days of your application.

2. Onboarding

If you qualify, we’ll go on a call where I’ll learn about your adventure idea, your current readiness level, your overall goals, and the time frame you have in mind.
Till this step, the service is free.

3. Setup

Once I have all the details, I’ll advise on a realistic activity time frame – start to finish and your readiness to take on your ideal adventure. I will also be upfront about the possibility of changing your adventure goal.

I will share my charges at this time and the set up goes ahead once we agree on the scope and payment.

4. Journey Begins

Once we are past these steps, I’ll create itineraries, and a kit list, share details of reliable and safe agencies you can book with, and provide tips specific to your adventure.

Tips can include details about kit shopping, packing, food, location details, and things to do on the side. 

As we build the plan, I will be available for any questions and hand-holding you might need.

Your idea is already taking shape!

More questions? ➡️Get in touch. 📨

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