Two to Tango

Two to Tango

It takes two to tango…we’ve formed a pattern, this friend, T, and I. Once every month, we search, find and research the ‘bestest’ restaurants in town. After zeroing upon the one that suits our fancy, we go stuff ourselves to our respective hearts content. Boozing is moderate since we have to drive home.

Gastronomic delights are hard to come by for her, since she cooks her own food (if she reads this, it’ll be my last post ever :P). As for me, I have her enchanting company and a gastronomic adventure to look forward to. Also, it fortifies any appreciation of home food all the more (Thanks Ma! 🙂 ). Our choice of places leans heavily towards the casual types. And since we go directly from office, we are ready to bark at the slightest hint of formality.

As we wait for the valet to hand over the counter coupon, we are eager with anticipation. There is so much to catch up on and the smells have already enticed our noses.

A couple of minutes later, we are seated. Our tongues start the warm up dance. What are we going to drink? Will it be wine today?..Oh Ok, so the restaurant has a beer fest on. As much as you can drink for 200 bucks!! No thank yew, we’d rather hold on to our pints. The individual who designed the pint size must have done that out of guilt for consuming a whole sized bottle. Pints are so easy to toss in; you don’t notice you’ve knocked down a few until you are on your fourth. Besides, they fit snugly in the hand (and in the beer coolers).

Our eyes pretend not to notice the soups, salads or vegetarian fare. Meaty starters and main course it is..always. Choosing the dish is my prerogative and ordering it is hers. We spend considerable time on the main course after we quickly order the drinks. Cheers! Here is to jobs that pay the bills. 🙂 We are all set for a good time.

Tongues roll. Inside news, outside news, news you can use and news you can’t. The conversation takes myriad directions, we like it that way. The food arrives, as if on cue, during thoughtful silences. The constellations of our minds are twinkling with diverse subjects to lead the conversation onwards. We know not where we started and know not where we will end for the night is young and we have miles to go. (This might sound like I’m three pints down, but it’ll seem that way to 4 out of every 3 people.)

It is time for dessert. Nah! We’ll skip it this time. Here, it seems they don’t hurry with the check. So we get in few more sound bytes.

As we head our respective ways, the delicious taste of our wonderful time together lingers.

New month, new place.

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