10 things you must have on a short trek/hike in the wilderness

10 things you must have on a short trek/hike in the wilderness

  1. Wet wipes – though they a add a little to the weight, they are incredibly handy in a lot of situations from wiping hands clean, to sanitizing the area around wounds and soothing itchy skin.
  2. Spare water bottle – If you have a shake or an energy drink to mix, keep one with you besides your hydration system that holds the bulk of your water.
  3. Energy bars/chocolate/Glucose mix/Snacks/nuts – you might be sure you have it all, but weather on treks, especially heat my sap your energy drastically. A energy bar goes a long way to give you the energy till you are back in civilization. Also for emergencies carry some snacks, they’ll keep you alive till help reaches. This is besides your main food items that you/your team may be carrying. If all goes well, you can polish the snacks off. Else they are a necessary weight.
  4. Head torch – hands remain free and you can use it in various battery saving modes. Keep one with you even though you might be planning a day trek/hike. It’s weight may be worth your life eventually.
  5. Panty liners – there is a lot you can do with these besides their intended use. Blister packing, wound dressing and even to soak up moisture from the ground. The last bit is for when you find yourself lost with nothing but moist soil as your source of water.
  6. Whistle – When you want to reach out to your mates through the sound of wind or rustling trees or to get their attention at a distance, it is wise to keep a whistle handy. When you call for help, you want to make sure you are heard.
  7. A length of rope – this is one of the most handy piece of equipment you can carry and I carry it all the time. A rope can repair a broken backpack, hold together several things that can then be attached to your pack, help carry a wounded person, make a sling, help climb a patch….to name a few. The rope need not be of the rock climbing variety, anything sturdy will do. However, avoid nylon ropes as their knots are unreliable.
  8. Buff – it is one helpful piece of clothing. Can protect your hair, neck, ears, mouth by putting it on in various ways. It can be a binder for things, can hold together a rolled mat…as good as a rubber band.
  9. Swiss knife – must have. Multiple uses and light to carry. A very handy tool.
  10. Old newspapers – nothing insulates you from the cold floors of the caves or the moist soils in the forest like a bedding layered with old news papers. They are handy when you want to sit and have lunch in a cave or want to lay you sleeping bag on. Besides, they’ll help you keep your equipment clean.

Can you think of other items and equipment that you usually carry? Drop us a comment telling us what they are and why. We will be sure to feature your ideas with credits.

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