2 items in my wishlist!

2 items in my wishlist!

I am a great one for convenience. Little attributes that make a great product…..friendly, fast, cheap, and usable. Here are two I would love to lay my hands on.

I love cartoons and comics, and by correlation also love people who love these two. And I believe you can learn or impart much more learning/training from using comics that anything else. Which brings me to product # 1. Anybody who has seen the Adams Family toon, even in passing, will have noticed The Hand. It runs, scurries, holds cards and fetches things. Well, now you can have you own ‘Hand’ to do your bidding. Read the interesting comments from geeks who follow such kind of things. 🙂 [Sample: Can we get video of two of these hands jousting?] Very interesting!

And the second is a convenience for all those who love to cycle to work and but can’t due to the stuff they need to carry with them, like laptops etc. Ah! The sheer bliss of riding on a compact machine with nothing sticking out of the bicycle operational area, nothing to poke the walkers passing by…. A huge disclaimer though, India, or rather Pune will not figure on users map of this product, ever. Head over to Gizmodo.

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