Right, no posts in August thus far. But then, it’s been an unusual month.

It all started with me checking out of the gym at 8.08 AM on the 8th day of the 8th month of the 8th year of this century. I know, too much!

Thereafter, things got hectic. I don’t know if that was an after effect of the 8-8-8, or not. Hectic yes, but not unruly. Life does throw in a few unexpected ones just for the fun, so those were taken into stride as well.

So there I was, towards the fag end of an 6 month ordeal. 6 months of crash courses in kitchen tinkering, mood swing management, wellness counseling, fragile egos management, temperamental balancing, planning far far ahead, and extreme time management. And looking after myself between all that. I could start a Zen discourse right away.

The time has not yet come to look back on all this, it’ll be another three months before I do that. So am I glad we went through this crisis so far? Yes (actually yes) and No! NO for all the extreme pain, anguish, hopelessness, grief, uncertainty and the mind numbing feeling of emptiness. But yes, oh yes!! for all these new challenges and the thrill of surmounting them. And the reassuring presence of friends (Oh what would I ever do without y’all!) and sometimes family, the kind words from them and strangers alike, the constant tirade of positive thoughts, the timely help coming in even after requests at untimely hours. For the discovery of different threads in relationships, of deeper bondings and new meanings. And for new relationships that hold a mirror to a different me.

And for life in a new light!

P.S.Thanks A, A, S, R, M, L, P, P. You guys Rock!

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