Azerbaijan and Armenia – The Jewels of the Caucasus

Azerbaijan and Armenia – The Jewels of the Caucasus

In 2017, after a long trekking season in Europe which included walking the entire Tour Du Mont Blanc, I wanted to go somewhere off beat. And I mean places my countrymen had never heard of. I zeroed in on Azerbaijan and Armenia – The Jewels of the Caucasus. I had also planned to include Georgia, however migrant trouble and visa woes sadly kept me away.

Here is a 21 day itinerary for exploring both the countries that gives you a chance to mingle with the locals, leaves ample free time, and yet covers all the key places to see.

Leisurely 21 day itinerary of Azerbaijan and Armenia – The Jewels of the Caucasus

Day 0 – Flight to Baku lands late evening. Visit to Bulvar park the open space besides the Caspian sea.

Day 1 – Visit to Icheri Seher to see the old town, fortress, maiden tower and taking time to figure out the bus system.

Day 2 – Flag hoisting ceremony at Indian Embassy of Baku, since it was 15 August, India’s Independance Day. Then a extended visit to the Hyder Aliyev centre and exhibits inside.

Day 3 – Public bus to Sheki and rambling around Sheki, planning for next day.

Day 4 – Visit to Sheki Khan Palace, Winter Palace of Shirvan Shah, old artifacts museum, artisans village followed by another walk around town and lastly a dinner of Pistisheki at the Caravanserai.

Day 5 – Return to Baku and walk around time to shop for snacks.

Day 6 – Day trip with Baku tour agency to Ateshgah, Yanar Dagh, Gobustan and Hyder Aliyev Centre.

Day 7 – Beach picnic with friends I made the hostel.

Day 8 – Roaming the city with a local friend I made in Baku, visiting sights that only a local would.

Day 9 – A visit to the Flame Towers that dazzle at night and Matyrs Lane

Day 10 – Packing for a flight to Yerevan via Moscow.

Day 11 – In transit and settling in Yerevan. Walk to super market near BnB.

Day 12 – Visit to Khor Virap, Noravank Monasteries and Areni Winery.

Day 13 – Walk around Yerevan to Matenaderan, History Museum, followed by the Blue Mosque with a local friend I made. We drove to Geghard and Garni Monastries as well finishing with a nice dinner.

Day 14 – Day trip to Lake Sevan, Sevannank peninsula and Kecharir Monastery.

Day 15 – Shared a car with a Russian co traveller who as at the same BnB to go to Sisian. Visited Wings of Tatev, Tatev monastery. Wings of Tatev is the longest reversible aerial tramway built, and  holds the Guinness record for Longest non-stop double track cable car.

Day 16 – Overnight back to Yerevan and too local bus to Dilijan

Day 17 – Relaxed at a lake side cafe with my kindle and good coffee. Made another local friend.

Day 18 – Day trip to Goshavank and Hagharstin monasteries with a stop at Parz Lich, a small lake nestled in the mountains.

Day 19 – Ramble about downtown Dilijan.

Day 20 – Trip back to Yerevan by local bus.

Day 21 -Flight back home to Mumbai.

A detailed travelogue will follow.


Baku City


Fountains in Baku

Icheri Seher

Icheri Seher

Azeri Tapestries

Azeri Tapestries

Hyder Aliyev Centre

Hyder Aliyev Centre

Armenian monstery Armenian Monasteries

Armenian Monasteries


Yerevan delights

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