Six Rewarding Ways Cycling Can Easily Transform Your Life One Ride At A Time

Six Rewarding Ways Cycling Can Easily Transform Your Life One Ride At A Time

Forget what you’ve heard about gruelling workouts and exhausting fitness routines.

I’m here to share a revelation that might surprise some of you: cycling has been the game-changer in my journey towards a healthier body and a happier mind.

And trust me, it can do the same for you.

From physical well-being to forging new connections and experiencing triumphs and setbacks, cycling has benefits I never expected.

In my 13 years on the bike, I’ve cycled from city to city and home -office-home. Cycling was a saviour during the pandemic. My most grueling ride has been to the highest motorable road pass in India -twice.

Saddle up; I’m about to show you how you can transform your life one ride at a time.


Exercising for exercising’s sake is boring.

We learnt cycling as kids, and it’s an activity we can continue to do more responsibly as adults. Just cycling around town for chores will give you basic fitness from moving around. Maintaining that level of fitness will make physical activities doable and enjoyable.

The reap benefits of cycling daily by riding farther and higher. Even a casual ride will take you’ll engage your faculties better to savour the ride.

I enjoy cycling all year round. You don’t have to be a racer. It is enough to join group rides, occasionally commute to the office, or ride your bike because the weather is beautiful.

Do that enough, and the fitness will take care of itself.


Unless Tour De France is your next stop, you can only do better than you did yesterday. It is ok to make cycling fun. Don’t always go by your fitness tracker. Sometimes, take the chance to stop and pet a dog or take a beautiful but longer detour. The statistics aren’t going into the record books.

The less seriously you take the activity, the more fun it will be. Success for me was finding joy and satisfaction in doing it, best or not.


If you have ever ridden with others, there are always the types who are loudest. From their clothes to how they speak in the group.

And there are the whiners. The roads weren’t good enough, the weather was not perfect, my watch was not charged, and I had a flat.

Don’t be them.

Ideally, let your legs do the talking. Let folks who want to get noticed or complain do their thing. Realise that their need to be seen comes from a place of weakness or insecurity. The best riders are usually the quietest and get on with the pedalling.

As much as this is true of cycling, it applies to our life too.


People love their shiny bikes. A carbon frame, cleat pedals, racer gear ratios, there is no end to it.

The madness is spreading.

People who have happily pedalled around on the same bike for years suddenly discover they need a new handle or seat to ride up the hill they have climbed several times before.

You don’t need an expensive bike unless you want to race or participate in a professional event. All the hi-tech equipment and gadgetry come with their own expensive baggage.

Why let dubious claims saddle you with additional parameters to worry about when all you need is do is cycle from A to B? I have used the same cycle for 13 years, fixed and maintained it too. And got better at doing that while having fun.

Equipment should not be your priority. Being consistent and adding leisure should be.


Cycling will teach you how your bike works and how your body reacts while doing it. You will learn when to go all out and when to take it easy. Cycling helps you discover your strengths and weaknesses – mental and physical.

And your limitations.

You discover when to rest, recover, and go again. Having several miles under your saddle, you develop a fantastic relationship with your body and mind.


No pain, no gain glorifies only suffering, and the market is primed to lap it up.

Honestly, there is nothing special about suffering. The only glory is in the doing, whether cycling, your work, or any other preoccupation. As long as it means something to you to continue doing it, activities need not be a suffer-fest.

Cycling hard for sustained periods builds mental strength. Sure, the body is getting stronger too.

This is a refreshing change for the mind. You are singularly focused on moving ahead, keeping the pace and are completely involved in pushing one pedal after another.

Riding this way is almost distraction-free. Your monkey mind is quiet.  

We unintentionally explore the complex relationship between our mind and body. It will surprise you how far you can push your body in this state and get away with it.

The powerful connection between mind and body builds this invisible strength you can tap into. It is a superb combination of your muscular force and mental fortitude.

And not just on the saddle.

These learning from your rides extend far beyond cycling.

On the bike and off it, several temptations come your way. Having it easy, wanting to be noticed, and complaining – cycling can teach you how to overcome them. That and how to truly be immersed in something you love. Get ready to pedal your way to a life you never thought possible.

Even if you don’t win the next race, you will be a winner anyway.

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