The Shortest Article on Finding Your Purpose

The Shortest Article on Finding Your Purpose

It is not that hard if you give it time.

A purpose shouldn’t be something achievable. Or even specific. It is the opposite of SMART goal setting.

  • If you are struggling to understand what your raison d’etre is, ask really broad questions.
  • What are some unique ways you can contribute? How do you want to live your life?
  • What difference can you make? And what do you hope to accomplish?

The answer to these questions will come from ongoing reflections. And it may change with time.

The way you achieve purpose will also evolve over your lifespan.

With enough thought, you should be able to answer the finding your purpose question in a single sentence.

The whole idea of purpose is deeply grounded in the Self. It is within.

People nurture their purpose in three ways:

1. Define and work towards it

2. Stumble upon it and get into action

3. Get inspired and then pursue


Think, will it, and act.

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