Horror Stories from Here and the Hair

Horror Stories from Here and the Hair

Now, here is a thing I would like to understand. Not having shared this predicament with my ilk so far, all insights are welcome.

There is a mirror on the wall in front of which I pass after I get up each morning to reach leave my room. I am treated to different horrors everyday. I don’t believe I have the ability, so far, to change avatars, but my hair definitely does.

I am compelled to attribute the shocking mirror reflections to my unruly locks. (My friend D has a simple solution to this……just don’t look in the mirror!! I wish it was as easy, sigh.)

I am sure that when I close my eyes every night, my hairs have a group discussion about the nature of their avatar the next day. Sometimes, I get the better of them by smothering them with hair oil. This prevents them from rising to the occasion of the said discussion.

Ah! But they seek sweet revenge the very next day.

The state of my tresses ranges

  • from the wispy look (all hair scattered in different directions with a deep groove. Probably no consensus on the avatar?),
  • the chicken feet look (deep grooves all over. Looks like groups pulling in direction of different avatars),
  • the all-at-attention look (had a lot of coffee over the discussion?),
  • the juxtaposed look (not a hair out of place in one half, riots in the other),
  • the makeover look (they just decided that enough is enough)
  • the halt-all-efforts look ( midway in the change, they just decided to sleep on the job),
  • the family look (Mr. and Mrs. Hair with several little Hairs out for a picnic)
  • and many, many, more.

(If you are laughing by now, may pigeons collectively poop on your heads!)

Of all the time I spend grooming my self everyday, the least amount of time is spent on addressing hair related issues. No, no, no..the problem does not lie here.

Firstly, I think the Hairs have rented space on the top of my head. How else do you think they got the right to act as they like? All night discussions, conspiracy..jeeez..what will they think of next?

It’s my head, damn it…I’ll show them who’s the boss. And if I don’t feel like I am succeeding at that, why..tell me why should I give them more than a couple of minutes each day?

The thought of evicting them altogether did cross my mind, but I must confess that I’m not quite there yet. What if they leave never to return? (Shudder)

And that is how it has been. My daily struggle with this Catch 22 situation continues.

Insights anyone?

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  1. if there were AI that crept into this and could show you the real time reactions of people reading this , you would be reaching out to call emergency , one maharashtrian teapot shaped woman losing her head, cant stop laughing and rolling . the laughter is now choking the breath out of her and theres muscles she didnt know existed are now screaming for release!!!
    i mean who has names for state of hair:_))))
    family look …and there I go again fallen off my seat!

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