How a quarterly meeting with myself became a powerful tool

How a quarterly meeting with myself became a powerful tool

Earlier this month, I did a Quarterly meeting with myself for Q1.

Before I start sounding too wise, it is just my second one since I started intentionally seeking learning opportunities in fields outside my comfort zone. But I found that it is a powerful tool.

Q4 to Q1 — Here are the quarterly results:

New skills I exposed myself to in Quarter 4 and built on in Quarter 1:

  • Learning in public
  • Writing without word padding
  • Writing on twitter
  • Purpose driven note taking
  • Exploring new tech tools to aid research and writing

Wins in Quarter 1. Result of work done in Quarter 4.

  • My first linked post got over 3000 impressions. 🙌
  • I ‘met’ tweeple I can look up to & learn from
  • I was just fine learning from a 13-year-old
  • Realization that while SEO, algo, # are all good, nothing beats an honest story.

Some habits I want to build better going into Quarter 2

  • Share more. Even if it helps just one person. I wrote to Jakob Greenfeld (Twitter=@jakobgreenfeld) about how much his newsletter meant to me. (If you have not already, please subscribe)
  • Be consistent with the sharing.
  • And finally, try not to get overwhelmed with the information tornado around you.
  • Be the calm eye of the storm and enjoy the journey. You will never get this time back.

I look at it as a powerful tool in my kitty on this new journey.

Do you have a Quarterly Meeting or a check-in with yourself? What do you usually cover?

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