How to Find Joy Even If You Fail at Anything You Do

How to Find Joy Even If You Fail at Anything You Do

Oh yes, there is joy in failing.

We mostly fail at a lot of things we do. I mean, look at the headline in the image.

And we have delightful outings every quarter to remind ourselves of it. So how to find joy, this elusive thing?

As a team of two who perform tasks across the board, from sweeper to designer at Sakuraa Handmades, we look for every opportunity to have fun with our failures. We could, also write a book on how to find joy in what you do.

Besides doing that, we use these outings (this time at a drive-in movie theatre with a sneaked-in bottle of wine) disguised as meetings to brainstorm new outreach ideas, new products, or new ways to increase the visibility of our website.

This time I think we hit the jackpot when we designed a new product in record time. Now we just had to define what it would mean for our customers.

That’s how it’s done, no?

So here is the value proposition for those who will bother to read before they buy our outstanding product:

  • We want to let everyone get their hands dirty, what with all that cutting and sticking.
    We have the word “Handmades’ in our name for a reason.
  • We want to give everyone who considers themselves un-creative a chance to get back at the ‘creative types.’
    It is called democratizing access to creating your own art.

  • It has to be fun because that is our unwritten middle name.

  • Can you work with our product as a group or use it alone when everyone else has abandoned you?
    Oh yes! It must cater to the life-of-the-party types and the loners equally.
  • The product had to give you a chance to express however you want.
    We give you the supplies, teach you the technique and get the hell out of your way.

  • Does this product lie in wait to be finished like that mandala painting you started but is now sitting half-done, winking its eyes at you from the shelf?

    Nope, it does not. It can be done in 3 hours flat. We ourselves can’t sit still for more than that time.
  • And no, nothing else must be bought (from amazon or otherwise) to begin this project.
    We can’t be seen giving you an excuse to delay it, can we now? The product package has everything you need to get started.

    Right away.
  • And finally, it had to be cheap.
    Not cost-effective, not value-added, not pocket-friendly, just good ol’ cheap.

So, here it is.

Our wine-fuelled first-of-its-kind in India product — A Fabric Collage DIY Kit that lets you work with your hands in 3 hours flat to finish a collage masterpiece like no other in the world which you can frame and hang up with pride.

Buy it here (free shipping), and remember to send us pictures.

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