Don’t Listen To People Who Tell You Money Is Dirty

Don’t Listen To People Who Tell You Money Is Dirty

Ditch the guilt about pursuing wealth. 

He had it coming.

Who earns so much money selling hardware to people building or renovating their homes?

He must’ve been up to something illegal on the side.

The business was prospering so fast that he was bound to be in the crosshairs of this thing called Luck. 

The variety of luck that’s reserved for people who want more money.

The “Less is More” is a Myth 

Modern capitalism is a pro and two things: generating wealth and generating envy. ~ Morgan Housel

Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room — if you are making a sh*t load of money, you are either stealing or doing something illegal.

They say, “Money can’t buy happiness”. Or wanting money is greedy or immoral.

Then how come rags to riches are heroes? 

And riches to rags means you’ve been up to no good?

Stories of someone losing their fortune somehow help us validate these “truths” in our minds. 

But deep inside we are hoping that more of it should magically appear in our bank accounts somehow.

These narratives can make us feel guilty for simply wanting money to provide for ourselves and our loved ones.

It’s time to challenge them and reframe our relationship with those colourful notes.

Talking Money is Smart (Not Awkward!)

You didn’t rob a bank. 

It is okay to be open about your goals for wealth creation. 

Only the envious will feel insecure.

I knew a guy who had come up in life. Still milked his poverty to get at government schemes for the poor, sympathy and for someone to bail him out.

Around him, I felt guilty to talk about my financial wins or wealth openly. 

As if I was trying to show him down. Or that that my comfortable life was somehow wrong.

The truth is, money is a tool — nothing more, nothing less. 

It’s a resource that, when managed responsibly, can open doors and create opportunities.

I managed to invest in my own business without the need to wait for loan sanctions or a kind relative. I got to call the shots.

Philanthropists like Azim Premji and Warren Buffett use their wealth to tackle global issues and support countless charitable causes. 

Building wealth for myself and others makes me happy. Why do it under cover?

If you are creating something great on your own steam with a pipeline of income, speak about it.

If you are helping someone with resources, knowledge or opportunities — talk about it.

Help yourself to the plan that worked for me, but it’s your life if you want to shun wealth and want to remain poor but ‘happy’.

Money for Security & Freedom (Because You Deserve Both)

Financial planning is great for crisis situations and for long-term stability. 

And also to be free.

One of the first things I invested in as soon as I started earning back in 2004 was an apartment. 

I could only afford one way out of town but it had prospects. I roamed that vicinity for days and looked up the local news about what development was happening around.

Luckily a series of five IT Parks were planned in a 30 KM radius over some 20 years.

I managed to rent out that property one month after taking possession till the time I sold it in 2018 at 3 times the price.

The rent over the years paid off my loan 3 years early. 

And profit from the sale still pays for my day-to-day expenses. Whatever I earn over is the bonus.

I decided to take away the worry of money early in my life and acted on that decision as soon as possible.

“To do what I want, when I want, with whom I want for as long as I want.”

I knew that was my goal even before Morgan Housel made it sound so cool.

I would have gotten nowhere if I had let the stigma of pursuing wealth get to me.

Embrace Financial Wellness (It’s Like a Spa Day for Your Wallet)

I waited 7 years to buy my dream car.

All because I did not want to take a loan. Not that loans are bad.

I could have bought it right away, I could certainly afford it. 


  • The opportunity cost of paying all that money upfront was too high
  • I did not want to work harder to keep paying installments

Instead, I invested in funds that would, in perpetuity, pay for the car’s maintenance. And not just this car, but the one after that too.

Delayed gratification is a lottery I am still raking in winnings from.

There is no reason to risk what you have and need for what you don’t have and don’t need. ~ Morgan Housel

Money is a tool, not a villain.

Financial success buys you comfort, stability and a fund to depend on.

Wealth can be used to empower others too.

Stay away from guilt trips and the next time someone tell you money is dirty, tell them its not and that they are lying.

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