The Northeast India – A land of unhurried existence

The Northeast India – A land of unhurried existence

Did you ever have your heart fill to the brim with experiences of unhurried existence?

Our northeast region, famous as the seven sisters, is an India far removed from our idea of our country. Sure, the people are the same kind souls who guided us on a dark stormy night, took us in at short notice, and served hot food with love much later than usual. (All stories for another day). But there exists a much remote, freer and, can I say, unattached personality, that this region exhibits at every turn of the hilly roads that connect the tiny villages and border towns.

It manifests itself in that lone walker with an umbrella making his way down the road all jolly and unperturbed when our car has not passed another soul for half an hour at least. It shows up in the family dwelling in a narrow strip along the valley side of the road, their tiny house made pretty with a few potted flowery plants. And it is very apparent when village girls make their way around on cycles, not inviting a second glance from anyone. No one is looking to get somewhere fast.

The houses, the dwellings, clothing, food, road side trees – all are demonstrative of a people proud of their handiwork, of people who care how things are done and who are not in a hurry to reach the destination, but are rather enjoying the journey.

It is at the same time an empowering and liberating region like none other in our country.

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