One for my Folks!

One for my Folks!

Time: 1.08 pm
Place: Canteen

Lunch time conversations, subjects floating freely around. A group of middle aged moms settled itself near my table.

One of them had a son who just passed his Class Xth exam. To the uninitiated, this exam is considered as the most important event in anyone’s life by everyone around, except the one attempting it. It is next only to marriage in importance. Anyways, so she began her tale.

Her son had cleared the exam with reasonably good marks. This was followed by making rounds of different colleges to collect forms, gathering info on different entrance exams and their dates, etc. She was excitedly going on about how he was doing all of that on his own since both his parents were working and could not accompany him. She sounded thrilled as she related his accomplishments doing all these rounds. Finally, she let on that she could not believe that her son, the laziest boy in the world according to her, was actually doing this methodically and without prompting. Her pride and satisfaction were apparent in her sparkling eyes.

It really takes little to please our parents. While we may be stretching ourselves to meet the expectations of the world, we need to do precious little to meet those of our parents.

This one’s for you folks! 🙂

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