Quotes Are The Original SMS

Quotes Are The Original SMS

Use them liberally.

Quotes are a useful expression of language. They are the original SMS (short message service)

Like English, my mother tongue, Marathi is replete with them. They fit the situations aptly. No explanation is needed.

Most languages have numerous synonyms that mean the exact same thing. Yet, we prefer to use one word over the others as we write.

For the reader, the message remains the same, but behind the scenes, the writer is in a battle with herself. All to get the message across as succinctly as possible.

Some words fit better in a sentence than others. In the struggle to figure it out, the writer gets carried away. The article ends up bloated.

Verbose than required, over-explanations, unnecessary context setting and unending examples. And doing that, we fall in love with our own words.

Which brings me to, “Kill your darlings.”

Point hammered home. Use quotes liberally.

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