What about the mountains make us love them so

What about the mountains make us love them so

What is it about the mountains that make us love them so. I must find the answer for myself.

The nearer I am to them, the more I never want to leave.

The might of the mountains always always amazes….. How long have they been standing tall… How long after we are gone will they be there… My Leh trips are often full of reminiscing and twilight walks.

I’ve written about my fascination with mountains before. I’ve always seen them as mighty, insurmountable, gigantic.

Still, they lay themselves bare to the elements. The rain lashes them enough to cause landslides, the wind erodes them further, the snow changes their contours dramatically and the sun beats on till they crack.

Centuries of taking a beating extracts it toll. A huge pile of mountain rubble, rock spires left after all the sand has gone, fine dust of what was once a series of mountains. Are they not afraid of being reduced to nothingness?

And yet they prevail. For ages. Beyond our imagination. Their vulnerability is their strength. And we love the mountains eternally.

Perhaps it is time to take this lesson to heart. Perhaps it is time to lower those walls, and peek inside.

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