Flowers in the sky….

Flowers in the sky….

Laxmi Pujan is the best day of Diwali. I love it when Mother takes out the silver coins and other jewellery items for the puja and careful decorates them with flowers and rangoli. Then there is the unlimited Mithai to eat… yum!

The thing that most delights moi though is the festive fireworks that light up the night skies. They come in all shades of yellow, reds, blues and green…typically from the coloring agents used. Each variety has a typical burst audio and visual. First, they scattered in perfect alignment of a flower form, releasing a lot of light and heat. Latently, you hear a sharp (trrrac..t!) or a dull (dhum..t!) report of the burst. The fiery sparks fall to earth as they die out and I can hear their pitter-patter on my roof. Year after year, as I watch the magic unfold it remains superimposed in my eyes. Till the next year……..

And yes, there are those times when India celebrates a rare win on the cricket and all festive hell breaks lose. .But those fireworks do not have same charm me thinks.

So what prompted this untimely post? Click article on this link to read this interesting items on why Japan still makes the best fireworks ever.

I’ll make it my next destination now!

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