I need you

March 27, 2006

Well I sang the words and realized It’d all been said before So I tried a different line that meant the same But it didn’t have the feeling And the first one said much more So I guess I’ll have to say it once again I need you And I couldn’t live a day without […]

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A blustery day in Chicago

November 25, 2005

There was an intermittent whomping of the bushes outside my window through out the night. The wind was biting cold and furious, never letting up. It was so comforting to be sitting in the cozy room, and under the blankets, watching the wind play havoc outside. I casually glanced at the clock. It was 6.30 […]

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Spoilt for choice

October 21, 2005

Whenever and wherever I cross the hallowed portals of the Magnificient Mile in Chicago, you can be sure I’ll waltz out with something; however humble my acquisition may be. And what is more, the selection of that item will have taken a substantial amount of time. And this when I’m not one of those dazed, […]

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First post

May 27, 2005

The pen is mightier than the sword..and the keyboard is Hercules in all his glory 🙂 His twelve labours aren’t enough for me though…I sure have a lot to say and a lot more chaos to exist in!!

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