Walking A 1000 Km Changed Me Forever. Here Is How.

Walking A 1000 Km Changed Me Forever. Here Is How.

I started a personal walking project in January 22. A 1000 km between 1st January to 25th May 22 later, here are 5 things that changed me for forever in these 5 months.

  • #1 Contrary to popular belief, #walking along helps you loose #weight. I lost 5.5 kgs in all, without anything else but just walking.
  • #2 Walking is #meditative. I worked on resolving points of #friction in my life while putting one foot in front of the other — #money, #relationships, #career, personal growth..anything. I could work on this as long as I wanted or till I resolved the friction.
  • #3 Walking frees you up to do other #valuable things. To walk is the most natural of actions-as easy as breathing-I could listen to #audiobooks, #podcasts, music, have emails read to me — all while going a #distance on foot. 21 books, over 1000 songs.
  • #5 Walking lets you #slowdown. Walking freed me in the true sense. I walked at a pace I liked. I stopped to pet stray dogs, window shopped while passing stores, drank nira at roadside kiosks, chatted to people and explored my city. I was comfortable among strangers.

I am on a mission to help people enjoy the outdoors. Connect with me to take your adventure idea to it’s conclusion.


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