3 healing Actions From The Pandemic to Continue Even Today

3 healing Actions From The Pandemic to Continue Even Today

For a mostly outdoorsy person, the pandemic was hard.

Here are three actions I continue to act on from the Pandemic times  They could help you every time you think you are stuck.


#1 Have something to look forward to.

I read books-old and new — about other’s adventures and planned my own based on theirs. Lots to do in the coming years.

Focus on what you can do now for the future.

#2: Learn a new skill

I tried enhancing social media skills -did not take off, tried grant proposal writing for NGOs- had limited success, Learnt wooden spoon making — 17 spoons and counting.😃

Try something you’ve never had courage to before.

#3 Help others

It must have been the period when I most used twitter to remotely help people find sources of oxygen, food and medicine across cities as a part of citizen’s helping each other.

It made me feel helpful and counted.

#4: Best bit.

A quick story:

When it was my turn to ask for help during Covid, I got more than I gave. I could find an empty bed for a close one at the height of the wave due to strangers on twitter.

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