In my country….coming to terms

In my country….coming to terms

My friend wrote a very poignant comment on my earlier post. She does not want to come to terms with this ever. And she is absolutely right.

However, I do want to come to terms with other things. To carry forward the thread of my last post, I want to realize, once and for all, is that every day that I live to see the sun rise, every day I talk and joke with my folks, every day that I tackle challenges at work and every day that I get to sleep in my bed after a hard day is the day someone, somewhere in MY country is falling prey to the undiminished and inhuman thirst for blood. It seems a routine and mundane enough day in my life but in the life of MY country it is anything but that. From now on no day is normal, or ordinary…because we do not live in normal times.

I will carry a threat to my life as long as I live, like all my fellow citizens in JK or the far east do. I am not different or special or less vulnerable because I am distant from these location. In fact the battle is at the doorstep.

I have stopped being a party to the blame game. Period. It helps no one, least of all us.

And I will remember, oh yes, I will remember. I may not be able to mow down every manic who who picks up a gun and slaughters people in the name of religion, I may not see action up close or be directly affected, but I will remember as long as I live what it means to loose a dear one to their bullets. Fear and hatred are two emotions we do not need at times like this.

And, I will never forget who the true heroes of every success that we gain are. However small it is, however insignificant in the eyes of the powers that be. And I do not mean to wear my patriotism on my sleeve.

I have come to terms with the fact that this and more has shaped my life to come. I do not wish to have it any other way.

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