In my country

In my country

In the interest of getting this out asap here are thoughts in random order…..

Was this attack a front to finish off guys deeply involved in the Malegaon case?

That a parallel and heavily armed guerilla force can tot guns and go on rampage in our country speaks volumes about our vulnerability. I wonder about countries with liberal gun possession laws..aside from occasional psychotic individuals totting guns for massacres is not a known trend there.

It is indeed very difficult to stop individuals who are not afraid to die……… can’t put the entire blame on intelligence failures…you can take away a man’s freedom, but you cannot take away his ability to think. It seems to me this is more a battle of the nerves than that of fire power or numbers. He who blinks first loses. The security agencies must apply their minds to this, if not forces. It has got all the makings of a real life psychological thriller.

For once, we cannot blame a “foreign hand” in this attack. We just gotta pull up our socks.

Please, please do not run to the US for sound bytes or have them call on you to gain for brownie points. They can only condemn verbally…that nation is incapable of starting something to take it to a logical end. They are just like up-starts…..damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

We as a nation need to be on high alert at all times….there is no way we can let our guard down.

Mumbaikars, this time please don’t act as if nothing has happened and carry on. Please react strongly enough to be heard. Since you are such an influential city, your reaction will be magnified manifold and may bring the much needed change in policy.

We are far to divided ourselves as a nation. In that, we are our biggest enemy. This way we are much more prone to playing into the hands of anyone who seeks to gain by putting us in a state of chaos.

We were a nation whose greatest strength was assimilation..of all castes and creeds. Where are we going wrong?

More to come…I need time to come to terms.

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