Successful grant proposal – features that ensure NGOs have a good shot.

Successful grant proposal – features that ensure NGOs have a good shot.

What I learnt after writing close to 25 fund proposals for NGOs.

After writing more than 25 grant proposals for NGOs on funding platforms and in applications, I’ve narrowed down 7 features NGOs can use to ensure they have a good shot at success in winning grants or donations.

#6 and #7 are especially key but the least used.

1. Thoroughly research the funder: Before submitting a grant proposal, NGOs should research the potential funder to ensure that their goals and priorities align with the organization’s mission and values. This will increase the likelihood of a successful application.

2. Clearly define the problem and proposed solution: The grant proposal should clearly outline the problem that the organization is trying to solve and how they plan to address it. This should include specific goals, activities, and timelines.

3. Develop a detailed budget: A clear and detailed budget is essential to any grant proposal. It should be realistic and demonstrate that the organization has thought through all aspects of the proposed project.

4. Demonstrate impact and outcomes: Funders want to see that their investment will have a measurable impact. NGOs should include specific outcomes and indicators that will be used to evaluate the success of the project.

5. Provide evidence of past success: Including evidence of past success can help build credibility and demonstrate that the organization has the capacity to carry out the proposed project.

6. Write a compelling narrative: The grant proposal should be well-written, clear, and persuasive. It should tell a story that resonates with the funder and highlights the organization’s unique approach to addressing the problem.

7. Collaborate with other organizations: Collaboration with other organizations can increase the effectiveness and impact of a project. NGOs should consider partnering with other organizations to strengthen their grant proposal.

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